About Us

Jee Liu and Jamie Wallace established WallaceLiu in London in 2013. Over the past four years, they have been working in China on a series of transformative architectural projects in the city of Chongqing.

Contemporary China is beginning a process of post rationalising the buildings, infrastructure and spaces that emerged during the frantic quest for growth of the last 30 years. This created opportunities for WallaceLiu to work on challenging and significant projects for the public sector. Of the projects they worked on, two are realised - the first is the transformation of a 20m wide highway into a livable street and the second is the adaptation of the historic Chongqing steel works into a 7,500msq museum of industrial history.

WallaceLiu's designs are driven by the relationship between architecture and landscape. Their architecture has extended or semi covered space to encourage public usage and interactions. Their landscape provides seasonal shading, large outdoor seating and installation shelters allowing people to linger in comfort.

Having been through the full delivery process WallaceLiu have learnt the underlying reasons behind the high degree of compromise found in China’s built environment. By working intimately with contractors, government departments and local design companies and by continuously questioning the established design and delivery process in China WallaceLiu successfully challenged deeply held assumptions about what it is possible to build.

WallaceLiu’s work has been exhibited internationally including at the V&A in London and the USC in California and Shenzhen.

Jamie Wallace

Jee Liu